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2021 Groove, Clickfunnels, Kartra, Builderall, WIX, WordPress

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#1 Funnel website bulder?

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Online or conventional business, it's enough to make your head spin!

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If you are looking for a free or low cost business tools suite you should take the time to do some research. You could be "married" to your choice for a long time as the time and expense of changing can be high.

The thing to consider is the total cost over time. Your time, or the time of someone you pay.

If you are starting out and expenses are important to you, Groove could be for you.  

Or if you have a couple funnels running in Kartra or Clickfunnels and the money is not yet pouring in, and the monthly$ fee is killing you, Groove could be the answer.

Maybe you have discovered the limitations of WIX, Squarespace or Weebly. 

Best Free Website Builder and business system - FREE for life! - No Credit Card Required

    There are a number of useful products available when it comes to a website or a funnel, more on the differences a little later. 

    Some are excellent products but expensive, some are actually free, but have some limitations, some are better than others for a particular purpose or depending on what use you want to make of them.  So there is no definite right or wrong choice for everyone. 

    I have personally used all of the products in the headlines and discussed below.  I can only give you my opinion, but consider that I delivered my first commercial website in 1998 and my companies have delivered hundreds of websites, using WordPress, Drupal, Microsoft site builder, Lotus Domino Clickfunnels, Kartra, Builderall and Groove. This particular site is a Groovefunnels site. It has to live somewhere!  Read on if you want an honest, review that may help you make the best decsion for you.

Groove is better than WordPress, WIX, Weebly and Squarespace and it's FREE

So what's the catch? Really there is no "catch" or " got-ya " But Groove is still beta software, it is still be worked on. This is part of the reason it is free-for-life if you get on board before the offer ends. But there is no catch AND you can use your own domains even on the free plan. The only other down-side is you will get a ton of marketing material, up-sells and offers. BUT, you don't have to buy any of them. YOU CAN JUST IGNORE THEM. 

So what do you get with Groove? First it's free for life, not a 14 day or 30 day trial, once you sigh on, no credit card required - Ever, you get to build 3 sites, a CRM, a sales cart system, funnel and site builder, mail responder, free hosting, and a many more tools and applications. If money is tight, and you can put in some time, and not get too frustrated with some clunkyness, it is a NO-BRAINER. 

I first signed up for Clickfunnels, a fine program, but expensive and frankly not that easy to use. Also to really make things work, you need subscribe to at least 2 additional products. $$$  And they will constantly try to up-sell you . AND, they are very good at it! 

Then I tried Kartra, then I stumbled across Groovefunnels. I signed up for the FREE FOR LIFE Groovefunnels offer to see how it compared to these industry standards. I used it for about 60 days, then personally I upgraded. BUT YOU DON'T HAVE TO!

 Years ago, I tried WIX, Weebly and Sqaurespace, but we are now in the age of "funnels" and automated interconnected mailing and notification systems. Just a "website" just won't cut it any more. And WIX, Weebly and Sqarespace are all free, until you want your own domain, which you will if you are serious about business online. Then you have to start paying. NOT SO with Groove. The Groove free plan is free, domains and all (you do have to register your own domain, but you can use it on the free plan).

My company Private Business Networks, PBnet, which later became Prosperity Consulting put up our first commecial website in 1998, and delivered hundreds since then built in everything from Lotus Domino to WIX, Weebly, Sqarespace, Drupal, Joomla and of course word press. We delivered our first Software As A Service product in 2001. I have "been there and done that", in almost every facet of online tools and automated systems.  Believe me or not, I can't help that, but based on this background you simple have absolutely nothing to lose (but your time) if you sign up for the Groove free-for-life plan before it ends. And you can run you entire online business with the tools they give you. 

Is this for you? 

Try Groove now for free...  --forever--   >>click here<< 

After using Groovefunnels for over 60 days for free I needed more than three websites so I signed-up for the PAID plan. BUT I DIDN'T HAVE TO.  I could have stayed on the free plan but I wanted more sites. (and wanted the never-pay-again for all tools option)

I could have kept using the 3 sites I had build up to then forever, but I needed more sites and the paid plan does offer even more features at a (steep) one-time price. After using the product for over 60 days and asking a lot of questions in the Facebook group and checking out the reputation of the founder, (who also started Karta), I signed on for the the life-time paid plan. Click Funnels broke the ground, Karta followed with a very good offering.  Now Mike Filsaime has started a new funnel builder company called Groovefunnels. 

But it is not just a funnel builder, it is a website builder, and physical products ecommerce store, a digital products store a CRM, a video hosting service a transaction gateway and an affiliate marketing platform and more! Yes MORE. And the most amazing thing as that as of right now you can get a fully functional website and funnel builder absolutely free for up to 3 sites, and USING YOUR OWN DOMAIN if you want too. Yes absolutely free (well you will have to enduring some marketing emails) FOR LIFE if you sign up before the offer ends.  

Weebly, WIX, SquareSpace and similar.  They are all similar, and I have used them all. Remember I have been doing this since 1998 when we built our first commercial website. The big "catch" or trick with all of them (at least is was the last time I checked) Is if you want your own domain, you have to go to the paid plan.  Seems simple, you get it for free, put in a lot of work building your site, then realize it is almost impossible to get traffic or be taken seriously if your address is YOURCOMPANY.WEEBLY.COM . Don't me wrong, they are all fine offerings, just don't expect them to be free (really) or stay free. And you don't get a bunch of other tools like CRM, mail responder, shopping cart and more ALL FOR FREE FOREVER and you don't even have to provide your credit card. You get three sites AND you can use your own domain. 

Stop reading, click this link and sign up for the free Groove plan with no credit card needed!


Are you still here?   

Okay, it's not for everyone, maybe not for you.  But it is free,  you can even unsubscribe to all the marketing messages from Groove. 

And they do keep improving it every week, but to be honest, it is not there yet, but I am running 5 full production websites on it. 

OKAY, BACK TO GROOVE. You don't even have to put in your credit card!  No hype, no tricks, no "but you can't use your own domain" trickery. The SEO possibilities are great. It is a mobile-first approach, which Google loves, the pages are FAST.  Click one of the handy links or buttons on this page and sigh-up before the offer ends and it goes to a dollars-per-month pricing model. This product has only been around a little over a year and the Groove team has done a great job of taking a bite out of the Clickfunnels and Kartra market, now they are going to really supercharge the CRM and make Groove a one-stop complete run-your-business offering. Don't get left behind.  Even if you don't NEED a website right now, sigh-up, no credit card required,  and be in the program before it ends. 

Did I say no hype?   Well it is true about one of the big gotchas most other "free" website hosts hit you with. It is free unless you want your own domain, then you have to pay. This is not the case with Groove, it really is free and you never have to even put in your credit card BUT you are going to get hyped and "sold" within an inch of your life. But you can just ignore all of it. Once your are on the plan, you can have websites and hosting free

This is how I understand it. This free-for-life intro offer is a form of crowd funding. Lots and lots of people sign up for free, and get to keep it for free. But some of them will see the benefits of upgrading as I did. (it is all explained here > Click for details). Bottom line.... It's free for life if you sign up before the program ends. In the battle of  Groove vs. Click vs. Kartra Groovefunnels offers way more for the same price even on the paid plan (when it is enacted). Click the link above, or below !  Click something, why wait, no credit card needed and even if you never use it, it won't cost you a thing!

If you do ever decide to pay for the full plan I get a "commission" if you used one of the links on this page, but you don't pay any more. (This is "affiliate marketing" for those who are new to it). If three sites is enough for you and you don't need the enhanced features, then you never even give them your credit card and you pay nothing. There is nothing to lose, and 3 free websites with excellent SEO to gain. No tricks, AND you can even use your own domain on the free plan unlike some of the other "Free" website builder sites. It is currently "beta" software, but it works fine. There are some things that could work smoother, but I have seen tremendous improvements and many features and improvements have been added since I signed on October 2020. And the support has been great. DON'T MISS THE BOAT! SIGN-UP NOW!

GET Groove NOW free for life

I can am an affiliate of both groove and Builderall.  If you subscribe to any of these offers I will make a commission if you ever upgrade to a paid plan.